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It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much.“


Foto: Art nouveau front, Vienna

Planning to visit Austria?

Take home enjoyable experiences, taste Austrian cuisine and listen to the sounds of Vienna by making the best us of your time!

See this wonderful City with a Viennese and through Viennese eyes!

The Alps, Salzburg or mayby pilgrammage to Mariazell?

Get insiders‘ tips- even the secret how to prepare a perfect Viennese Schnitzel?

Exclusive, private tours- designed for those visiting Vienna interested in History and culture but adapted to meet your preferences and time!

We cater for individuals, couples and small numbers but also up to 15 people.

Let’s do great city walks through the old town of Vienna taking in many of the major sights!

Be fascinated by the beauty and charm of Vienna, maybe the most beautiful city of the world!



born 1967 in Vienna
experienced licensed tour guide
humorous and charming
married to an architect
neighbour and proud friend of an Austrialian member of the Austria-Australian society

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